10+ Of The Most Insane Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Laugh

We all have had a fair share of looking at wedding dresses right? There are some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses out there, which makes you want to get married to your nonexistent boyfriend. JUST so you can have that luxury piece of dress on your body. However, although unpopular, but certainly not in abundance, are some of the most horrific and outrageous wedding dress you can lay your eyes on.

To be fair, it’s really the idea behind the creativity (note the sarcasm), which makes you wonder about the why and how. But hey, at least you can laugh at them and have a good time, right? Are you thinking it can’t be that bad? Trust me, it really is! Keep on scrolling down to find out for yourself!

A little glitz…a little sparkle

American Pride Bride

Blown away bride

Sweet bride

The dress had so much potential before the hat

Winged wedding dress: «I Believe I Can Fly»

Wedding dress fashioned out of nappies

This bride is on fire…

We’d expect nothing less from Honey Boo Boo’s mom’s wedding

Octopus bride

Gypsy meets Barbie

Rainbow Bride

Army Camo Wedding Dress

This bride absolutely loved her Taco Bell so much that she couldn’t bear the thought of parting with it….even on her wedding day

What on the earth was she thinking? I couldn’t get it

Ponytail wedding dress

Whoa, way too much going on dress

Pink Poodle wedding dress. LOL

A Narcissist’s Wedding Dress

Weird and awkward wedding dress