20+ People Caught Doing Weird Things In Public


There is a fine line between being comfortable in your own skin to showing up in public in a state that makes others uncomfortable. Unfortunately that line is invisible to many people. These people forget common sense and basic etiquette in the pursuit of freedom of self.

In this post we have listed hilarious photos of such people to show you that boundaries are important. Be comfortable with yourself but don’t lose sight of your surroundings. When you’re going out in public, make sure you’re decent. Otherwise, you may end up being featured in a post just like this one!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

    1. 1Post disaster posing

    2. 2Ran outta fuel so grandpa helped me out

    1. 3When you can’t find the restroom

    1. 4How is this an official sport?

    1. 5When the child has been crying for days to get toys and you finally take him shopping

    1. 6Summer heat ain’t got nothing on me

    1. 7Portable piggy bank

    2. 8Picking your wedgie in public.

    1. 9Welcoming someone home is just so romantic.

    1. 10Just some casual gaming in the waiting area

    1. 11Well, that’s a fetish

    2. 12Straight outta the swamp

    1. 13Avatar station coming up next

    2. 14When you run out of Fast and Furious movies to do

    1. 15Everything is better with mayo, including riding the bus.

    1. 16Anyone fancy an instant date?

    1. 17Testing just like at home

    2. 18The bum bum duo

    1. 19Covering up for the pee master

    1. 20How is this legal?

    1. 21Welcome to Badass pet town

    2. 22Working out wherever I can

    1. 23New makeup gear

    2. 24Happy couples in the subway be like

    1. 25So you think you’re a daredevil?

    2. 26Bite the dust… literally

    1. 27When benches are too hard to sleep on