20 People Who Brilliantly Turn Their Scars Into Tattoos

Scars are a reminder of not just your pain, but your experiences and what you endured to get where you are today. They’re like a medal commemorating your struggles and serving as a reminder to pat yourself on the back for making it where you are today.

However not everybody likes their scars to just stand there barren. Some people like to get creative and get tattoos over their scars to make them more interesting and fun.

Listed In this post are pictures of 20 people who brilliantly turned their scars into art using tattoos. Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1Burning Matchstick Tattoo

  2. Lovely tummy tuck scar cover tattoo!

    3.Cutting Spot

4.My Pacman tattoo. Yes that’s a mole.