An Indian Couple Changed Their Lifestyle

Fitness is one of the most-wanted things, but people do not often work hard towards it. To achieve something like that, you need to put in the required amount of work, and the Indian couple below successfully did so.

The married Marwari Indian couple is making the internet jealous of them with their fantastic transformation story. This all began when one day, the husband, Aditya Sharma, realized that his shirts weren’t fitting him anymore. His wife, Gayatri Sharma, decided to give him good company, and they both decided to start as soon as possible in that ultimate journey towards fitness.

The forty-year-old Aditya Sharma and Gayatri Sharma had to give up on all that desi ghee and mithai which are very favorite to the Marwaris. Before they began working out, Aditya weighed 72 kgs and Gayatri was at 62 kgs.

They had so much amount of dedication in their hearts that it took them only three months to get slimmer. Aditya lost a whopping 20 kilograms of weight in just three months, which is shocking. His body fat is now decreased to 8 percent, and he has moved on towards developing abs and muscles. Gayatri lost 11kgs in three months and achieved a 25-inch waistline. She’s a mother of two, and looking at her in such good shape is incredibly inspiring. She was supportive of her husband and transformed herself as well, in the process of doing so.

The relatives and the neighbors were so amazed by the transformation of this Indian couple that almost every one of them asked for advice.

Gayatri Sharma completed her nutrition expert course a few months ago, and now this Indian couple offers online classes. They are professional nutrition consultants, and many people follow their advice.