It may seem silly, but it actually reveals a lot about you. There are three ways to clench a fist, and depending on how you do it (but automatically, without thinking) person you talk to can reveal the following …

If you fist looks like the image 1:

You are clever and express yourself well, but you are a little shy, which makes it impossible for you to express these qualities fully. That is why many consider you silent and uncommunicative person. You are precise and meticulous and sometimes demand too much from yourself, which leads to unnecessary restlessness. You are perceptive, and you try not to disturb your internal harmony. People are comfortable besides you.

Sometimes you become unbearably sad by the thought that you can’t just build relationships, easily adapt to new collectives and be the soul of the company. Don’t take it personally, because it is enough to become a little more flexible and friendly, and people who are afraid to approach you will change their opinion of you straight away.

If your fist looks like a fist in the picture number 2:

You are communicative, and you attract different people. Friends love your honesty and wit. You are sure of yourself; you have very strongly developed a sense of self-esteem. You are an excellent leader among friends and a good leader at work. However, you are prevented from making bold decisions by your fear of failure, because failure can damage your self-love.

You often have the need to be encouraged and praised. So what, that’s not so bad. It is important not to stop believing in yourself, even if you are not being told how good you are. It is quite possible that, you are simply, among the people who are jealous of your success.

If your fist  looks like a fist in picture 3:

You tend to help people even when it brings you inconvenience. You are constantly searching for new knowledge, experience; you are extremely energetic and a bit impatient. People like you are called adventurers and fearless, but at the same time, many of you probably won’t ever realize how often you need protection and help.

To you it is vitally important to have recognition and acceptance because you are often faced with people who use your kindness. But your strong inner core, however, doesn’t let you take a risk and give up on people. You still continue to save and protect those who use your generosity; the only thing is that you become a little more cautious.