HOROSCOPE 22.09.2019



Sally Brompton



You must define your objectives for the coming year clearly, but they must also be general objectives rather than overly detailed. There will be many routes leading to your ultimate goal, but first you must know precisely what that goal is going to be.


Just because someone close to you is acting strangely does not mean they are up to no good. Around the time that the Sun changes signs on Monday you will realize there was a very good, and very positive, reason for their suspicious behavior.


The only thing you can be sure of now is that you cannot be sure of anything. Today’s Jupiter-Neptune link will change your circumstances from one moment to the next and the only logical way to deal with the situation is to sit back and enjoy the ride.


What you say is important but what you do – and what you don’t do – is what truly matters. If you make a promise today you will be expected to deliver on it, so think carefully before you open your mouth. Your reputation could be at stake.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if something you attempted did not work out as expected. At least you had the courage to try – most people prefer to play it safe and not try at all. The more mistakes you make now the less you will make later on.


Reach round and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself what a wonderful job you are doing. Others may praise you too but what really matters is that you know you are pushing yourself beyond your usual limits. You’ll survive – and thrive.


You may not believe what a friend tells you today but the planets warn they know what they are talking about, so you would do well to listen and learn. They are not speaking up for the sake of it but to help you avoid making a serious error.


There is a danger that you could overreact to something you hear because you think it is aimed at you personally. Most likely it isn’t, but even if it is the planets warn you must not allow yourself to get worked up about it. It’s only words.


The more others try to tell you that you should be doing this or doing that the more likely it is you are already doing the right things. Trust your instincts Virgo and don’t be swayed by advice from people who don’t know what they are talking about.


There are so many small changes taking place in your life at the moment, and over the weekend you will notice that they are in fact adding up to a big change of some sort. The future is not something you should fear but something you should welcome.


By all means look ahead to where you might be five or ten years from now but don’t lose sight of the fact that it is what you do today that really matters. Never mind your long-term plans, what is your plan for the next 24 hours?


You may be tempted to change things around this weekend but with your ruler Jupiter at odds with Neptune, planet of illusion, most likely there is no need at all. Over the next few days it should be obvious that things are fine exactly as they are.


If you find that a task of some kind is proving too much for you then get assistance. You may not want to admit you need help but what’s the point of struggling on alone if the end result is a disaster? No one expects you to be perfect.

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