Mesmerizing Flower Murals Turn Ordinary Rooms into Spaces with Blooming Personalities

Artist and illustrator Lilit Sarkisian loves to add blooming personality to otherwise common rooms with her floral mural art. Working entirely freehand on walls, she sketches larger-than-life blossoms, vegetables, as well as succulents which effortlessly flow all over their designated spaces. Although they are rendered in soft hues, they become a statement-making part of any room.

For the artist, location is important—it dictates how the mural will ultimately look. Before putting brushes to the wall, she travels to the spot that she will be painting and snaps images to carefully plan how the artwork will interact with the rest of the space—and her conscientiousness shows. The results are beautiful paintings that are smartly placed under drab stairwells or spill onto shallow walls, which could use a little pizazz.

Sarkisian first started her career a decade ago by drawing sketches from fashion shows at Ukrainian Fashion Week. After she worked for many years as a commercial artist, she took the leap to create her independent brand in 2015. Since then, her business has grown and currently includes a range of projects and a showroom in Kyiv.