The guy has married 8 brides and is now trying to figure out how to stay out of trouble at home


Some time ago, Arthur O’Urso married 9 women, and then divorced one of them. Naturally, this attracted the attention of the press. Then they started talking about the Brazilian again: the guy suddenly realized that even 8 brides in one house create a rather peculiar atmosphere – now Arthur is trying to understand, at least how to avoid the constant problems that now and then flare up between his chosen ones. Interestingly, the idea of finding new brides for Arthur was initially pushed by his wife, Luana Kazachi.



Since the man works as a fashion model in a large Brazilian city, there were many who wanted to become his bride. The first months Arthur only rejoiced at the big family. But then the first problems began: the women began to quarrel first among themselves, and then with their husbands.



The Brazilian had to find new ways to establish peace in the house almost every evening. Finally, I found a way out. This is money. Every weekend I spend about 12 thousand dollars on gifts for my wives. Yes, it looks like I’ll go broke, but now everyone is happy, ”Arthur told the press. No one can predict how long the Brazilian’s strange relationship will last. In the end, only money to support them is unlikely to succeed.