Today’s world

Are we so shure about knowing our world? Are we so shure about the official and unofficial laws which lead our society? Do we know how them influence our life?

Our modern society is far from perfect. We notice many things that are problematic and troubling and yet we do not do anything about it.

An illustrator from Buenos Aires, Al Margen, has created drawings to identify all the flaws of today’s society. His images are louder than words and very provocative.

He said that the pictures are a fruit of boredom, anger or nonconformity. He also said that they represent discarded ideas and are the trash of the subliminal.

These pictures have no obligation to please, they are more sincere and visceral than the other pictures out there. And that is because he made them with the impulse to show all the imperfections.

Take a look at his drawings and see how they will make you feel.