Turkey Health Ministry explains why organs of deceased 16-year-old Russian model were taken

The Turkish Antalya Health Department told TVK Krasnoyarsk why the organs of the deceased 16-year-old Russian had to be cut out. According to the Turkish officials, the doctors noticed a large accumulation of fluid in the girl’s abdomen, so the uterus and ovaries were removed from her body for a forensic examination.

“At autopsy, the uterus and ovaries were taken out completely for toxicological and histopathological studies. As can be seen from the findings of the survey conducted by the regional health department, we cannot talk of any “theft” of the patient’s organs,” the TV channel quotes the regional director of public health, Unal Hülür, as saying.

The Turkish Ministry of Health noted that the seized organs and tissues will be stored for a year, in accordance with the current forensic medicine law. They also emphasized that the doctors carried out all the necessary medical procedures on time but were unable to save the girl.

Sofya Lanshakova, 16, died in a hospital in Turkey on July 13. The girl had been taken to a private clinic with abdominal pain. After her death, the parents were not given any medical certificates or test results, only a death certificate. They began to suspect that the clinic might have stolen her organs.