Fashion Nova’s New ‘Cut Out Pants’ Are Causing Twitter Pandemonium


Fashion Nova's New 'Cut Out Pants' Are Causing Twitter Pandemonium

Man, look…

Never would we want to stifle creativity or body positivity. Let’s just get that out in the open. But whew…Fashion Nova is really toeing a super thin line between liberation and all-out chaos with their “Havana Nights Cut Out Pant.” Usually, assless chaps give us business in the front to keep up illusions, but these pants are a party in the front and back. Now, we appreciate a good pair of assless chaps — Christina Aguilera did it as her alter ego, “Xtina,” Prince was all about that chap life, and you can’t turn a corner at many Pride events without being ambushed by a bum or two. We’re just wondering who is so invested in upping their thotfit game that they would wear a pair of assless and crotchless pants? That’s owning your steez, right there, and we’re not even mad — we’re impressed!

Fashion Nova owes much of its success to social media, first starting with Instagram posts of women’s apparel that influencers and celebrities would rock as alternatives to expensive brand names, then expanding to include a men’s line (which was highly disappointing). Social media is spreading the word again, and the good folks on Twitter are split (pun very much intended) on their opinion of these risque pants. But no matter if they love or hate them, everyone is getting their jokes off.