Test.The Gem You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality


Test.The Gem You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality

People always want to know a little more about themselves, and they use various tests to do so. Here at Bright Side, we’ve got 2 interesting tests for you to try out.

Jewelry test

People have believed in the power of stones for a very long time. They are hidden deep in the earth, which makes them connected to nature. This is probably why people believed that they can not only show your desires and give you the power to foretell the future but also reveal your deepest secrets. Would you like to try it out? Find a calm corner in your house, take a deep breath, and choose a gem.

Test.The Gem You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality

  1. Pearl. If you chose the pearl, you are a dignified and spiritual person with a deep sense of pride. However, you have a humble heart.
  2. Ruby. Your personality is passionate, intense, and bursting with life.
  3. Diamond. You are strong, determined, and proud.
  4. Blue topaz. You have a calm, reflective soul. You value the quiet moments in life.

  1. Peridot. This stone is chosen by people who are vibrant, energetic, and curious by nature. Your radiance and joy are your strongest powers.
  2. Aquamarine. You must be a spirited, adventurous soul. You are youthful, brave, and glittering with passion.
  3. Tanzanite. A stone for somebody sensuous and passionate with sharp instincts.
  4. Citrine. A bubbly, creative spirit with a true zest for life.
  5. Pink tourmaline. If you picked it, you are a soft, sensitive, compassionate soul.

  1. Amethyst. You’re most likely someone with an intelligent, vibrant soul, filled with quiet passion.

Did the test get it right?